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Shootfighting® Images and Press Gallery

Black Belt Magazine, February 2006

Sports Illustrated, December 1993

Muscle & Fitness, January 1998

Men's Fitness, March 1996

Black Belt Magazine, April 2002

Karate International, Vol. 2 #10

Grappling Magazine, September 2002

Black Belt Magazine, February 2000

Karate Kung-Fu Illustrated, February 1996

American Way, June 1995

Karate Kung-Fu Illustrated, April 1994

Paladin Press, Vol. 35 #2

Black Belt Magazine, October 1995

Yoshiaki Fujiwara and Bart Vale in Japan prior to Fujiwara's match.

Bart Vale and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace working on ground techniques.

Bart Vale throwing a sidekick in front of a Samurai Temple in Japan.

Bart Vale roundhouse-kicking Kazuo Yamazaki in the head.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara blocking one of Bart Vale's roundhouse kicks.

Masami Soronaka, Yoshiaki Fujiwara and Bart Vale.

Bart Vale demonstrating a flying side kick.

Bart Vale throwing a round house kick to Masakatsu Funaki's head.

Antonio Anoke and Bart Vale at a convention in Japan.

Bart Vale and Yoshiaki Fujiwara.

Yuki Ishikawa and Bart Vale showing the Heavyweight Shootfighting Belt in Japan.

Bart Vale demonstrating a sidekick.

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