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What is Shootfighting®?

The Ultimate Martial Art, Shootfighting® is a complete fighting system. A unique Martial Arts style in itself, Shootfighting® combines Muay Thai Kickboxing and total body Submission Grappling. Shootfighting® will also enhance any style. With its emphasis on transitions from stand-up to ground it makes both, the stand-up figher and the grappler stronger by eliminating the limitations of each. Learn to capture the victory over anyone from an experienced street fighter to a trained grappler. 90% of fights may end up on the ground, but 100% of them start standing up. Learn to do it all, train with an ISFA licensed school today!

"Shootfighting® Rules! Overall, Shootfighters -- who employ a range of striking, grappling and submission tactics -- are the most successful competitors in mixed martial arts events."

Black Belt Magazine
November 1998

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The Ultimate Fighting System
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