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 Call (954) 746-0202 for additional information and to register


 Call (954) 746-0202 for additional information and to register.
Advanced Kenpo Theories. Call (954) 746-0202 for additional information and to register.

Kenpo Karate, Shootfighting®
Building confidence and self-esteem is our emphasis. We offer special programs in building self-confidence in both children and adults. For years coaches and counselors have referred people who need additional self confidence to us for our proven successful methods. Private lessons utilizing kenpo karate's unique training system enables the student to maximize self-esteem and increase confidence. We specialize in Kenpo Karate and Shootfighting In addition to confidence building, we also employ the four major cornerstones of morality and integrity in the martial arts: Honesty, Courtesy, Respect, And Discipline.

Kenpo karate is both an ancient and modern method of self development and self-defense. Kenpo is based on the Shaolin system of ChÕuan Fa ("fist law") and Koshoryu Kempo jujitsu, but in actuality is a combination of five cultures: Chinese, Japanese, Okinawan, Hawaiian, and American. A true blending of inner and outer strength, Kenpo helps you develop grace and coordination as well as stamina and speed. The basic movements are derived from animal forms: the tiger, dragon, snake, leopard, and crane. Through Kenpo instruction, you will learn proper breathing techniques and movements utilizing the natural weapons of the body: the hands and feet. By developing breathcontrol, muscle tone, quick reflexes and agility, you may discover a new inner harmony and outer ability which can help you throughout life. Kenpo encourages hard work, determination and exercise of the mind and body. Kenpo promotes good study habits and improves grades by increasing children's concentration.

In conjunction with personalized private instruction, students may choose to train in group classes designed to supplement their private classes. This combination of both private and group classes offers the students the most unique and versatile self-defense program available. Group classes emphasize the basics of karate and body conditioning resulting in improved flexibility, coordination, muscle tone, and endurance.

Is a combat sport which is a combination of Muay Thai kick boxing and jujitsu (wrestling). It incorporates bare-hand strikes, head butts, knee thrust and elbow strikes, plus intense ground work. Including joint locks, chokes, submission holds and escapes. This is a Must for all Law Enforcement Personnel.

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